Industrial PC

In this section; You can examine the Industrial PC products of Siemens, Heidenhain and many other leading industry brands.

Industrial Computers; Industrial computers, from automotive manufacturing facilities to oil refineries, change the way many industries work. In the past, computers used in such industries are often short-lived because they are not designed to withstand high temperatures, dust, chemicals and downgrade. However, due to its designs, residences and military-class components, industrial computers can withstand much higher and lower operating temperatures than their traditional commercial class counterparts. Industrial computers are sealed and waterproof, shock and vibration resistant.

 Industrial automation and control technology is used to control, optimize, decide, schedule and manage manufacturing processes. In addition to improving product output and quality, it reduces costs and improves safety.

Industrial PCs fit well as industrial automation control units due to both their flexibility and their ability to withstand challenging environments.

 Advances in industrial computer technology have led to smarter factory processes and greater connectivity between machines and processes. Today's factories need hardware that can provide the highest amount of production with the lowest possible production costs.

 Some industries, including the gas, oil and petrochemical industries, have energy costs of up to 30-50% of the total production costs. Factory computers can be used to arrange factory equipment to operate at optimum levels when using the least possible energy. This ensures both quality and consistency, meaning less energy is spent to produce defective products. Factory computers are equally important in maintenance forecasting.

 When selling used products, we try and test the product purchased in our existing testing mechanisms, and send test video recording if our customers want to. When ordering industrial PCs and other materials, the products we ship on the same day to get to you as soon as possible arrive, reach you as soon as 3 working days at the latest. 

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